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Sasha Loobkoff is a multidisciplinary Web Developer and Art Director with over 25 years of experience. His approach runs from whimsical to traditional but always clean, clear and intuitive.

Sasha prides himself in his flexibility – utilizing decades of Print, Web, Mobile & Motion design experience to provide clients with a “Full Service Agency” list of capabilities. His recent focus has largely been in emerging tech markets (Gaming/Esports, Mobile Television & Virtual Reality), but he has also maintained a solid clientele rooted in more traditional fields (Music, Television/Film and, now, labor).

Prior to his most recent role as Design Director at Senders Communication Group, Sasha worked with various tech start-ups, publications, and ad agencies.  His clientele has featured the likes of Apple, Wells Fargo, Palm, Visa, Warner Brothers,  The Los Angeles Times, Intel, PG&E, and more.

Sasha earned a BA in Mass Communications from UC Berkeley.

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