With the world moving online more and more each day, it’s more important than ever for organizations and non-profits to have a strong online presence. Google expert Brynn, Zuccaro, says that when consumers are considering buying a product or a service, 94% of them do their research online to help them make a decision.

Building an online presence for your organization can feel overwhelming, but there are some basic tips to get you started that will help your brand get noticed and grow. Over the next few blogs, we will explore more in-depth ways to help you make a splash in the digital marketing world. Below is a list of 10 tips to get you going:

  1. Be Consistent – Use the same words and phrases to explain what your organization’s purpose or brand is about. Make sure your explanation about your brand, also called your elevator pitch, doesn’t change.
  2. Be Constant – Get a rhythm of how often you update your content on your social media, website and other media platforms and keep it up. Posting 2-3 times a day on social media is recommended if you want to build an audience.
  3. Be Clear – you want to answer the who, what, when, where and why of your brand.
    • Who is the organization?
    • What does it do?
    • When do you meet?
    • Where are you trying to reach people? What’s your market?
    • Why should people care about what you are offering?
  4. SEO – It’s a term that’s thrown around a lot, but Search Engine Optimization is simply a good technique for growing your fan base organically through customized content. Used cleverly, your content will pop up in multiple places and help increase your audience share.
  5. Follow Up – Don’t be shy. Ask people how your content is helping them. What could you do more effectively?
  6. Just Do It – Starting is the hardest part, so take it in pieces. Start with a timeline and goals, then start attacking your marketing plan a piece at a time. You’ll likely go through more than one draft on your marketing plan and that’s ok.
  7. Be Flexible – Allow your brand to adapt with the times. With technology changing so quickly, you have to be willing to try new social media platforms and apps. If more of your members use Instagram or Twitter don’t stick with Facebook, be willing to move on.
  8. Share What’s Unique – Don’t be afraid to show off what you’re doing that makes your brand unique. Are you doing something that no one is? Let your fans know!
  9. Use Link Building – Internal links can drive traffic to your website and other media platforms. If you have an old article that relates to something new you’re writing, insert a link to your old article. It will keep people on your site longer.
  10. Social mentions – Has the local newspaper written about any of your projects or programs? Are other people talking about your organization or programs on social media? If so, add that content to your website. It builds credibility.



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