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A small company with big capabilities

Senders Communications Group is composed of smart, savvy and dedicated team members — the kind of people who thrive on challenges. Supplying clients with fresh vision, strategic planning and message development puts our clients ahead of the pack. When you choose to enlist Senders Communications Group, you get the whole team. All Senders Communications Group employees collaborate to find the best solutions to make your project a success. Bottom line, the talented and creative personalities of Senders Communications Group make things happen.


Bringing great design ideas to completion


Our specialty at Senders Communications Group is helping causes, organizations and candidates make their mark and reach their goals by using a variety of platforms, from sophisticated social media and state-of-the-art web design to old-fashioned, eye-catching newsletters and print collateral.


The Senders Communications Group team includes skilled writers and editors ready to utilize language in shaping your message. Paired with dynamic graphic design and photography, our original reporting, timely story selection and a keen editorial eye make the written word a valuable tool.


An engaging website reflecting the mission and members of a campaign or organization is an essential tool for any campaign. Senders Communications has extensive web design experience, from robust multimedia extravaganzas to simple, micro-sites.


Utilizing their creative eye, the Senders Communications Group art department is capable of creating engaging graphics and designs that will amplify your message both digitally and in the print world.


The external message is often different than the internal. Through press releases, press conferences and strategically placed op-eds, Senders makes sure your message is seen by the public – and decision makers.


Using social media effectively is a great way to communicate with members, the media or the public. Our social media team has the know-how to get your message out through Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.


Smart, driven and talented creators



Cherri Senders brings more than 20 years of experience in communications to her role as publisher, communications director and consultant to dozens of labor unions and non-profits. With an extensive background in messaging to both union members as well as the general public, Cherri knows what it takes to get the job done. She honed her skills writing about social issues for local and national publications ranging from Omni, Working Woman and California Magazine to the LA Times and the LA Weekly, bringing a broad understanding of the issues confronting working families and a proven ability to convey those concerns to a range of audiences.

Whether tackling day-to-day issues or long-term campaigns, Cherri works closely with her clients to identify their communications needs. Using her experience in print, web and social media, she develops and implements strategic plans that deliver measurable results on time and within budget. Her company’s award-winning publications, web sites and campaigns have helped in numerous outreach efforts, from on-going member education to contract ratifications to local, and state elections.

Tony Fazio

VP Business Development & Strategy

Tony brings over 45 years of experience working on hundreds of winning political and initiative campaigns for labor unions, democratic parties, community groups and non-profits. His consulting firm, Winning Directions, has won numerous political industry awards. Tony served as President and Chair of the American Association of Political consultants for more than a dozen years.

Robert Fulton

Managing Editor

Coming soon.

Julia Ingalls


For over a decade, Julia has written about income inequality, homelessness, and the quest for a more equitable society for The Los Angeles Times, Dwell, Salon, and The Los Angeles Review of Books, among other publications. She combines optimism with variegated expertise.

Sahid Fawaz

Social Media Director

Sahid Fawaz is a social media and communications expert with over a decade of digital me­dia experience in the labor movement. He brings a wealth of knowledge and insight on build­ing online communities and tailoring messages specifically for social media and the web. He previously served as Communications Director for the American Federa­tion of Musicians International. Sahid has a BA from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Busi­ness, and a JD from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

Mike Kritzer

Art Director | Web Developer

Mike Kritzer, a web developer and graphic artist at Senders Communications Group, brings years of experience as a creative artist and a technician to his work. Mike has a keen understanding of both visual design and the power of cutting-edge software. His creative eye for design as a communication’s tool allows him to create sites that are eye-catching, streamlined and functional, while still paying attention to the smallest of details.

Mike is equally adept at creating communication portals and brand identities as he is at designing multi-media presentations, print materials and building comprehensive web sites. In addition, Mike constantly keeps abreast of the latest technologies so his designs and web sites are state-of-the-art while maintaining the constantly evolving web standards.

“As an artist, I understand the importance of visual impact and how to accurately and consistently reflect and strengthen that message in all digital forms of communications,” Mike says.

A native of Los Angeles, Mike is a 2000 graduate of ORT Technical Institute in Los Angeles with a degree in Graphic Design.

sasha loobkoff

Art Director | Web Developer

Sasha Loobkoff is a multidisciplinary Web Developer and Art Director with over 25 years of experience. His approach runs from whimsical to traditional but always clean, clear and intuitive.

Sasha prides himself in his flexibility – utilizing decades of Print, Web, Mobile & Motion design experience to provide clients with a “Full Service Agency” list of capabilities. His recent focus has largely been in emerging tech markets (Gaming/Esports, Mobile Television & Virtual Reality), but he has also maintained a solid clientele rooted in more traditional fields (Music, Television/Film and, now, labor).

Prior to his most recent role as Design Director at Senders Communication Group, Sasha worked with various tech start-ups, publications, and ad agencies.  His clientele has featured the likes of Apple, Wells Fargo, Palm, Visa, Warner Brothers,  The Los Angeles Times, Intel, PG&E, and more.

Sasha earned a BA in Mass Communications from UC Berkeley.

Camille Carr-Ramirez

Office Manager

Camille Carr-Ramirez brings over 30 years of business administration and finance experience working in a variety of fields, from custom fabrication and construction to media syndication.  Camille is a creative problem solver with an ownership mentality and an ethical approach, and she thrives in a creative, entrepreneurial, progressive business environment.   

Camille earned her BS in Business Administration/Management from Cal State University, Northridge. As part of her career development, she also completed several specialized professional training programs from Glendale Community College and Clark Construction Group’s Strategic Partnership Program. In her free time, Camille enjoys scratch cooking, genealogy, reading, and writing. 


We have our finger on the pulse of the labor community

The team at Senders Communications Group goes above and beyond to ensure that we communicate our clients’ mission and achieve their goals. We will help your organization distill what you want and need to accomplish through communications, develop and implement a strong course of action,and assist in measuring your progress. Be it a massive campaign engaging thousands of members over many months or a small quarterly newsletter, Senders Communications is your one-stop shop.


Having a plan feels good